May 20, 2012


First of all, thanks for 10 followers! crying I've been blogging for three days now and didn't expect any follower at all. Really, thanks a lot, I'll try my best to keep it interesting to read! heart02

Now I want to show you a few outfits, oldest to newest. Constructive criticism is very welcome! Together we can become the very best~! Haha, alright. coldsweats01

Taken last December. I was inspired by JELLY magazine, but it somehow looks nothing like it. Looks rather... sweet? /fail shock
I still had my natural long hair here, it was the beginning of my hair loss though... It looked so worse and thin by the end of March, that I decided to cut it off really short - from 60cm-ish to 5cm (shortest part). I remember how much I cried after seeing my new haircut the first time... weep but I'm okay with it now and I really like it!

Taken in March. I was going for a casual Ora outfit inclusive Sujimori updo, as often seen in Soul Sister, but... I dunno. gawk

d.i.a. outfit from a week ago! I kind of like it, definitely needs shorter shorts though and it feels like some black overknees or patterned tights are missing. catface What do you think?

Outfit from Friday! Just something more comfy for a house party. I'm wearing the jacket + belt combination waaaay too often. coldsweats01

That's it for now. paper I'd really appreciate your comments! heart02end


  1. Congrats! (:
    I like the casual ora style outfit, cute!

    1. Thanks! :D

      I feel like it'd look better with a different jacket, though.