Sep 15, 2012


Hello everyone - how are you?

I changed my blog design a bit. I hope it get's displayed properly for you, because sometimes the title font changes into ugly Comic Sans...

On Monday, 10th September, I turned 20! Time surely runs quickly...
I spent the day with my dear Christina - we stayed the afternoon at my house discussing make-up before heading to Duesseldorf for dinner and Purikura.

(as usual... once I step out the house all my hair's volume and teasing is gone. Any help? At least I'm very satisfied with my current hair lenght - I thought I'd never ever be after my 3cm boys cut in April - so no more wigs! )
I'm slowly getting used to purikura, I remember the first time: I just stood there awkwardly with a blank expression.

Lastly, outfit of the day shots:
Top: New Yorker (for only 3€!)
Blouse: C&A
Jeans: Tk-Maxx (Hot Kiss?)
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Tedi (again only 3€!)

(Overall this outfit cost below 50€~ Gal on a budget is more than possible, you just need to keep your eyes open while shopping. )

I'm a sucker for monotone ane/onee styles a la nuts lately, probably due to my huge crush on Shizuka Takeda. It's a nice change from the usual oral look I'm sporting though.

Aug 16, 2012

I'm back!

Remember me...? -coughcough-

It's been quite a while since my last blog post or activity in general.
Not because I considered quitting gal fashion or something like that, but personal reasons made me step back.
One of them being a style crisis - I suddenly couldn't identify myself with extreme styles anymore and my love to d.i.a. seemed to be completely gone. I experimented a lot with different styles, but I came back to the good ol' "Soul Sister" style everytime. Tough Ora & Ane all the way~ and that's the thing I'll definitely stick to. Less sexy, more badass.

Anyway, I've got much to tell, so please stay tuned for my next posts!!

Jun 20, 2012


Hello everybody,
just a quick "advertising" for my sales post at gyaru_com_sales~

Click me!!

Selling a few d.i.a. items and gal-able offbrand. Please take a look!

Every penny will go towards a special fund.

Thank you!