Sep 15, 2012


Hello everyone - how are you?

I changed my blog design a bit. I hope it get's displayed properly for you, because sometimes the title font changes into ugly Comic Sans...

On Monday, 10th September, I turned 20! Time surely runs quickly...
I spent the day with my dear Christina - we stayed the afternoon at my house discussing make-up before heading to Duesseldorf for dinner and Purikura.

(as usual... once I step out the house all my hair's volume and teasing is gone. Any help? At least I'm very satisfied with my current hair lenght - I thought I'd never ever be after my 3cm boys cut in April - so no more wigs! )
I'm slowly getting used to purikura, I remember the first time: I just stood there awkwardly with a blank expression.

Lastly, outfit of the day shots:
Top: New Yorker (for only 3€!)
Blouse: C&A
Jeans: Tk-Maxx (Hot Kiss?)
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Tedi (again only 3€!)

(Overall this outfit cost below 50€~ Gal on a budget is more than possible, you just need to keep your eyes open while shopping. )

I'm a sucker for monotone ane/onee styles a la nuts lately, probably due to my huge crush on Shizuka Takeda. It's a nice change from the usual oral look I'm sporting though.