Jun 20, 2012


Hello everybody,
just a quick "advertising" for my sales post at gyaru_com_sales~

Click me!!

Selling a few d.i.a. items and gal-able offbrand. Please take a look!

Every penny will go towards a special fund.

Thank you!

Jun 12, 2012

☆ What I've been up to ☆

At first, I'm sorry for not posting anything worthy lately. (again...) 
I happened to break our Wireless Lan USB and unfortunately the brand we use isn't available anymore. That means we'll be getting a new router soon. Until then I'm limited to my mobiles internet access and the occasionally internet hour at my fathers computer, mostly late at night. (like now)
I promise once everything's solved, I'll work twice as hard to keep my blog interesting!

On 2nd of June there was Japan Day in Duesseldorf. (as you might've read on several other German blogs) I went there with my best friend, her sister and her friends.
Also, I was supposed to meet up with other gals from the German Gyaru Lovers forum, but I somehow missed them... maybe next time.

I didn't take any photos by myself (I don't own a good camera anyway), but I might ask my friend to send me hers to post them on here.

Here's a picture of my nails by the way:

 I did them randomly the night before the event, and took the picture right after I was done, so it looks somewhat messy, haha. I like how the ring finger design turned out though, I'm planning to do a full set like that once my real nails grew the desired length.

On 7th June was my little sisters birthday - she turned 14 - and we celebrated wih friends and family in a restaurant. I took this opportunity to doll myself up a little with my new Garula top which I bought from Aki from the GGL forum a few weeks ago~

(photo stolen from Aki's sales post /shot)

Me wearing it.

And here's an outfit shot (half):

Jacket + Belt: d.i.a.
Top: Garula
Jeans: Tally Weijl
Shoes (not on photo, but the ones from my last gets entry): Vagabond

My face ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ"
I know, my makeup looks all the same, but that's mostly because I just own two styles of upper lashes and one style of lower lashes + my eyebrows and blush never really show up on my photos. Next thing I'll invest in will be definitely more eyelashes! (And probably a good camera...) I'm actually eyeing with Love Princess Mix Style eyelashes, anyone ever tried them?

Jun 1, 2012


Hi everyone - long time no new entry!
I admit, I was lazy and the weather was too nice to sit in front of a computer.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my recent gets. Not that much though, I usually prefer saving up my money and spend it on online shopping.

Black & White Striped pants. I saw somewhere an ora girl sporting similar pants and I instantly fell in love- I was quite happy when I saw them at our mall and bought them instantly, but now, when actually wearing them, I don't like them that much anymore. I dunno, but... I somehow look like a pirate with them on.

Pseudo Ora-brand Hoodie from New Yorker. I liked it from when I spotted it in January, but it was still around 25€ then. As the cheapskate I am, I waited and when I went to the mall with my mom last week the hoodie was reduced to around 15€. I originally wanted to buy a certain Crazy Tribe hoodie, but just as I wanted to place my order it was sold out everywhere. Meh. This jacket shall do it for now.

Silver &Golden Star Earrings, also from New Yorker. I need to re-pierce my earlobes though-

Vagabond wedges. Loooooooooove! After destroying my old beloved wedges in the washing mashine (don't ask...) I was desperately looking for new ones. It took me exactly 6 months to find these perfect lovelies~ and I'm glad I waited! They're really comfortable to walk in with their 8cm heel and even the peep toe opening isn't cutting my toes as it's usually the case with such shoes. Happy happy!