Jun 1, 2012


Hi everyone - long time no new entry!
I admit, I was lazy and the weather was too nice to sit in front of a computer.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my recent gets. Not that much though, I usually prefer saving up my money and spend it on online shopping.

Black & White Striped pants. I saw somewhere an ora girl sporting similar pants and I instantly fell in love- I was quite happy when I saw them at our mall and bought them instantly, but now, when actually wearing them, I don't like them that much anymore. I dunno, but... I somehow look like a pirate with them on.

Pseudo Ora-brand Hoodie from New Yorker. I liked it from when I spotted it in January, but it was still around 25€ then. As the cheapskate I am, I waited and when I went to the mall with my mom last week the hoodie was reduced to around 15€. I originally wanted to buy a certain Crazy Tribe hoodie, but just as I wanted to place my order it was sold out everywhere. Meh. This jacket shall do it for now.

Silver &Golden Star Earrings, also from New Yorker. I need to re-pierce my earlobes though-

Vagabond wedges. Loooooooooove! After destroying my old beloved wedges in the washing mashine (don't ask...) I was desperately looking for new ones. It took me exactly 6 months to find these perfect lovelies~ and I'm glad I waited! They're really comfortable to walk in with their 8cm heel and even the peep toe opening isn't cutting my toes as it's usually the case with such shoes. Happy happy!

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