May 18, 2012

d.i.a. Haul

So, a while ago I bought some stuff at mbok through Celga. Although of all the bad reviews I wanted to give them a try anyway, and I got to admit it was a pleasant experience. happy01
They answered quickly and even when there was a problem money-wise they refunded me within seconds. notes
They might not be the cheapst service on the market anymore, but I can recommend them for sure!

Now onto the haul!:

Moon Belt. I loooove it!! It's all sparkly with tons of rhinestones and with its silver and golden ornaments, it automatically pimps up every outfit to a gal one. shine Two downsides: 1. it won't fit hips above 90cm. I'm around 85cm and I can only wear it up to the third hole, when wearing thicker trousers up to the first hole only. sweat02
2. the furry chain breaks very easily. I just sat down in the car and when I got back up, the fur was in two pieces. I guess that's why the chains are detachable. Baaah. cloud

 Picasa messed the collage up... orz Western Belt. I've never seen a white d.i.a. belt before, I guess they're not that popular? smile

Golden Zipper Dress. Skin-tight fit. I love that there's wire in the collar and cuffs.

Ora shirt. heart04heart04heart04

Red Checked Shirt. One of my favourite items of this haul. lovely Again with wires in collar and cuffs. I especially love the back, breezy and it reminds me of a corset, haha.

Houndstooth Checked Shirt. On arms and back with cut outs and gold cross chain. I like to wear it with more casual outfits.

Ora Jacket. Total love!! heart It looks really awesome with all its golden details. My favourite piece out of this haul, I'm catching myself wearing it almost daily~ coldsweats01

Fake Leather Jacket. Great for everyday use and more rock inspired codes. On a side note, I found 100yen in its pocket, lol.


  1. Wow so many beautiful items! *_* I'm so jealous ;_;

    1. Thank you, also for following! (。・w・。 )

  2. *________* I love your clothes!!

  3. Echt tolle Sachen *w*
    Das mit dem Geld in der Jacke ist ja mal genial XD

    1. Danke! ♥ Ja, das mit dem Geld war eine angenehme Überraschung, haha!

  4. OMG I DO LOVE your ora clothes!!Amazing jacket and shirt *_*
    Enjoy your new items! ;D